Hosted by:

Beijing Normal University (BNU)

A key university under administration of the Ministry of education, is a renowned institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the science.

Organised by:

Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University (SLI)

A platform designed for integrated scientific research, technology development, and instructional experiments. It was initiated by Beijing Normal University and co-built by Huayu Educational Technology Co. Ltd.

Co-organised by:

Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University

School of Psychology of Beijing Normal University

Conference General Chair

Ronghuai Huang

Organising Committee

(In Last Name Alphabetical Order)

Chair: Haijun Zeng; Jun Wang
Tingwen Chang; Rui Chi; Yuan Gao; Ronghuai Huang; Hongyan Kuai; Ping Li; Mengrong Liu; Fangzhuo Lyu; Pey Shin Ooi; Man Wan; Xiayu Yin; Haijun Zeng;

Program Committee

(In Last Name Alphabetical Order)

Chair: Jia Liu
Shirley Agostinho, University of Wollongong
Paul Ayres, University of New South Wales
Roland Brünken, Saarland University
Ronghuai Huang, Beijing Normal University
Slava Kalyuga, University of New South Wales
Jimmie Leppink, Maastricht Unviersity
Detlev Leutner, University of Duisburg-Essen
Jia Liu, Beijing Normal University
Tzu-Chien Liu, Taiwan Normal University
Jeroen van Merriënboer, Maastricht University
Fred Paas, Erasmus University Rotterdam
John Sweller, University of New South Wales
Andre Tricot, University of Toulouse
Tamara van Gog, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Publicity Chair

(In Last Name Alphabetical Order)

Tingwen Chang; Hongyan Kuai

Technical Support

(In Last Name Alphabetical Order)

Jiaoyang Guo; Jun Wang;

Financial Management

Ping Li

Administration and Accommodation Assistant

(In Last Name Alphabetical Order)

Fangzhuo Lyu; Xiayu Yin