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Beijing, also known as Jing, is the capital of the People's Republic of China, which is regarded as the center of politics, culture, International, innovation and technology as well. Among all the cities around the world, Beijing boasts the most world heritage sites (7) and, among all the capitals, Beijing is the first one that possesses a world geological park. More than 200 tourist attractions in Beijing welcome foreign visitors, such as the Forbidden City, which is the largest place of the world, Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park, the Summer Palace and Yuan Ming Yuan Royal Garden, Badaling Great Wall, and Prince Gong's mansion, which is the world's largest courtyard. Beijing embracees 7309 heritage items, 99 national key cultural relics protection units (including the Beijing section of the great wall and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal), 326 municipal cultural relic protection units, 5 national geological parks, as well as 15 national forest parks.

Beijing Weather

Beijing has a temperate and continental monsoon climate, which means four distinct seasons and great differences in temperature between day and night. In terms of seasons, autumn (from September to November) is considered as the best season to visit Beijing. In spite of the internals of weather changes, autumn is generally beautiful, pleasant and comfortable. It is recommended to climb the Great Wall or seeing the red leaves at Fragrant Hill for this season.

Beijing Attractions

Beijing's attractions are second to none in China, involving great number of tourist spots of various types, historically, cultural, science and modern. According to recorded customer rating, the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City are considered as the top two sights.

Beijing Food

Beijing Roast Duck/Peking Duck, is widely known as the epitome of Beijing cuisine and it is your best choice if you have to select only one dish to taste in the capital. The cuisine is mostly esteemed for the thin, crispy skin, sauces and accompaniments varies from restaurant to restaurant. Many restaurants offer Peking Duck, among which Quanjude Kaoya Dian is regarded as the most famous one with the oldest history.

Beijing Normal University, a key university under the administration of the Ministry of Education, is a renowned institution of high education famous for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the science. The comprehensive disciplinary strength of Beijing Normal University puts the school at the forefront of the nation's advanced teaching institutions. According to the 2012 World University Rankings released by QS, BNU ranks 252, up by 48 from 2011 and it is number 8 among universities on mainland China. Renowned for its rich educational resources, Beijing Normal University is one of the national bases for talent development of high quality and creativity. Beijing Normal University promotes broad international cooperation and exchange, having signed cooperative agreements with nearly three hundred universities and research institutes.

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Jingshi Hotel

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Option one: Palace Museum and Summer Palace (1 Day Tour)

Date: 7th September, 2018

Tour Type: Group Tour

Price: RMB ¥ 650 (lunch included)


Option two: Great Wall and Chang Ling Tomb (1 Day Tour)

Date: 7th September, 2018

Tour Type: Group Tour

Price: RMB ¥ 700 (lunch included)


*If tour booking number is less than 10 persons, the tour will be cancelled.

*If the tour is confirmed, payment must be made during conference by cash in RMB.